Saints Tartan Blazer Fashion

Over the past few weeks, since I made the move to Melbourne I have been trying to Marie Kondo my life and yes that means attacking the beloved wardrobe. You know when you go through those phases where you just aren’t sure what to keep and what to send to the toss pile. Well that was me! I was seriously having a fashion crisis and it got me thinking what is even the difference between fashion and style? Why do some people have a very specific aesthetic that they wear day to day and others just go with whatever the heck they feel when they wake up!

So obviously being me I had to do some digging and research into this all important existential question (who do I think I am!? Trying to come up with the next newton’s law or something!?)

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Fashion can be defined as something that is ever evolving. It’s temporary and comes and goes. I guess you could say fashion is our trends, like the 90’s hair clips that have just resurfaced or the current love for tartan just like my blazer from Saints the Label. (coming soon to the store) Fashion is all about the right here and right now. Fashion has rules about what should or shouldn’t be worn together in terms of colours, prints and styles.

How to style tartan blazer


Now style is not as defined and clear cut as ‘fashion’. Style is all about personal expression and taking the pieces that fashion gives us and putting them together in an outfit. In a way that conveys our personality and who we are. With the rise of street style and bloggers, I feel style is most certainly influencing fashion and the designs or new trends that evolve. From street to runway.


So I suppose when we sum it all up one cannot function with out the other. Fashion and style work hand in hand but it’s style that keeps us on our toes and challenges the fashion industry to push the envelope. I have always loved how clothes are a form of self expression and say so much about a person. I think that’s probably one of the reasons I went into Fashion (to express my inner Blair Waldorf, let’s be real).