If you are a lover of the finer things in life like me you will be blown away by the new ‘Waratah’ collection created by S-kin Studio. The collection features beautifully crafted pieces with intricate detailing and you will want all of these pieces, I promise you!

The ‘Waratah’ collection was designed and developed by Chi Mai and features beautifully crafted 9k gold filled pieces inspired by the Australian ethos of a relaxed living lifestyle. Featuring minimalistic styles that can be worn every day with white topaz, pearls and precious stones which pays homage to the collection of jewels Chi’s grandmother owned. All pieces are tarnish free and are perfect for sensitive skin (I can attest to that!)┬áThe collection is dedicated to all of those who live and breathe Australian country living ‘Blazing trails of summer and the quiet starry nights’.

You can pre order the collection today and gain first exclusive access with the link below: