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Who doesn’t love to be pampered every now and again… I know I do! Yesterday I got to spend my morning with the girls at The House of Blonde getting my hair washed, blow dried and set in curls. I had the most relaxing experience at the salon sitting and relaxing with a hot cup of tea, having my hair done and looking out at the amazing ocean view.

I was fortunate enough to have Vanessa do my hair (check her out on Instagram for her cuts and colours!)  and she was able to bring my hair back to life and make it feel clean and healthy again. I loved the Kevin Murphy products that she used through out the whole process. They made my hair feel softer, lighter and I walked away smelling like lavender, orange peel and a summer vacation all in one. Another really cool trick I learned was using the Kevin Murphy hair rollers to set the curls. This extra step allowed the curls to cool off and last far longer than usual.

I had such an amazing experience at The House of Blond, and want to thank Vanessa and Sarah for making me feel so glam and ready to take on the world! If you live in Vancouver or even just passing through, I would highly recommend going to visit the girls, they will make you feel new again!

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The House of Blond

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