5 things I learnt this year!

What a crazy whirlwind 2018 has turned out to be! I never expected the year that I just had and gosh am I grateful. It’s amazing what can happen when you open your mind and allow new experience to come in, so I decided I wanted to share the top 5 things I took away from this year


What’s on the cards for By Chelsea 2018

Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A on the blog lately but I hope I have been keeping you all updated on Instagram. My 2018 started out being such a whirlwind with so many changes. I relocated back to Sydney, started a degree in Fashion Marketing and blogging work has just taken over my life. I am so extremely grateful for all of these opportunities that are coming my way and absolutely cannot wait to share it all with you guys!


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20 Random facts about me

Its 2018 and its a fresh new year! I firstly wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has followed my journey thus far on BY CHELSEA and also wanted to welcome any new fashionistas who have just joined me. I felt there was no other better way to do this than by sharing 20 random getting to know me facts so you could all find out a little more about me. I really hope you enjoy!


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When one chapter closes…

Not so long ago I wrote a post about change and why it’s good for you. Little did I know three months down the track the plans I had for myself and my future life weren’t going to be exactly as I had hoped for. Change can be good however it doesn’t always come without pain, sacrifice and little bit of courage.