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I’ve always been a big advocate of trying new beauty products and seeing what works for me. I have never been one to promote a product that I haven’t tried myself or that I don’t believe in.  Last week I received a wonderful package full of bright products from Muk Haircare. I instantly loved the beautiful colours that Muk use on their packaging and not to mention the clever names they give each product.

I used the Deep Muk shampoo and conditioner immediately knowing my hair was due for a wash. As part of my routine I always use a leave in conditioner and brush it through my wet hair. This is how I ensure my hair stays silky and knot free. I was amazed at how soft my hair once it had dried! I am yet to use my Beach Muk and Kinky Muk but so far I am a big fan of Muk’s products!

You can buy Muk worldwide so be sure to check out their website: