Trends in fashion are constantly changing but it’s all about layering this winter! I must say out of all the techniques of putting the perfect outfit together this is one of my very favourites! Its amazing how much you can complete an outfit just by tying a shirt or jumper around your waist and throwing on a beanie. We as women love to plan every little detail of our chosen look for the day, down to our shoes, rings and even nail polish!

If you are having one of those days where nothing matches and half of your clothes are in the wash, as we all experience I have a few tips that may help.

1. Stick to your basics – There is nothing wrong with a plain black or white singlet and a pair of casual jeans to start the day off.

2. Dress it up with your chosen Accessories – If you are feeling your outfit is a bit bland dress yourself up with stand out pieces (handbags, beanies, hats, rings, necklaces)

3. Find a light weight jumper/shirt- If the weather permits whack your favourite patterned or textured jumper/shirt around your waist and your ready to go. If its cold outside compliment it with a leather or denim jacket, we all own at least one!

What I was wearing:
Jeans: Topshop
T-shirt: Zeitgeist
Plaid Shirt: Lucy in the Sky
Boots: Aldo
Accessories: Mimco