Last Friday evening I was fortunate to go on a Sunset Safari at the Werribee Open Range Zoo here in Melbourne. I will be the first to admit I had been waiting for this night in anticipation for months ever since my dad bought me tickets for Christmas (bless his heart, he knows me well!) I can honestly say I was blown away at this experience.

The Evening Events

We started our adventure being greeted by staff members of the zoo who painted us with traditional tribal colours which divided us into separate groups for the evening. I some how got put into the black and white tribe (how did they know my go to colours?). Firstly enjoying a beverage upon arrival we relaxed and listen to the sounds of traditional African singers, which really set the tone for the evenings proceedings.

Onwards we went and took a seat on the safari bus where we started our Safari adventure. We approached the first gate and entered the enclosure and from that moment on I was mesmerised. There were animals roaming free on 700 acres of land which looked just like the African Savannah. I have never been that close to some of the most majestic creatures on this planet before and I was speechless. From Camels to Hippos, Giraffes, Rhinos and everything in-between. I wish I could put into words what it was like to watch a ginormous pack of Giraffes gallop across our path, just WOW.

Rhino Fund Uganda

As we continued on the safari our wonderful tour guide Georgia started a discussion about the Rhinos. I think something that absolutely blew me away was finding out that these beautiful animals actually have no predators in the wild. The only threats to their existence is habitat loss and mainly humans, poachers. My heart broke.

On safari I learned about a wonderful organisation called Rhino Fund Uganda. A non government organisation which started in 1997 at a time where there were absolutely no rhinos left in the wild in Uganda. They created a sanctuary where it was their mission to repopulate Rhinos back into national parks. So they brought in Rhinos from Kenya and America to start the breeding process and after a long 30 years the first baby was born, Obama! (his mother from the USA and dad from Kenya, hence Obama haha!) These people dedicate their lives at risk (thanks to poachers) to the protection and reintroduction of these animals.

Now let’s be real: I know a lot of people feel that bloggers promote things just for monetary value, however I can assure you this is not a sponsored post and is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I have always been passionate about animals and felt my experience at the Werribee Zoo will never be forgotton. The zoo donates $50,000 a year to the Rhino Fund Uganda and some of those proceeds come from the Sunset Safari tickets. I have always believed its the small things that count in life and as you can see here, it is the perfect example that small contributions can result in big changes.