dinner to desk

Being a working woman in this day and age can sometimes get the best of us! Juggling emails, businesses lunches and updating our Instagram stories on the daily (How we manage to fit it all in I will never know!!) I don’t know about you but I am constantly racing against the clock so anything I can do to save time, you can count me in! The last thing you want to think about is your outfit when you have office drinks or dinner with the girls planned so I put together a few tips to get you from desk to dinner on time!

white blazer style

1. Keep it Simple

When you get dressed in the morning think about your key basic pieces which will act as the skeleton for your look. Consider pieces that have clean lines and fitted silhouette. Think of these items as your blank canvas which you will add and layer as we move on. Some perfect examples of this may be: a black slip dress, white cami with tailored black pants or a sophisticated pencil dress.

street style

2. Add your layers

The next step is to add onto your base; think of this point being your bronzer and highlighter in your makeup routine (adds definition and a pop of colour). This is the point where you may opt for a more office appropriate look, adding a classic blazer, a pair of sensible pumps and tights. Although you want to look stylish in the office, comfort is key in this setting.

hair scarf

 3. Pack for later

Pack a few essential items to spruce up your night time look, throw in a pair of gorgeous heels, your favourite gold hoops and a cute little cross body bag for the occasion. You may want to swap your jacket or top for something a little more glam! It is Friday night after all!

chic style

4. Spruce it up

It’s the end of the working day so all you have left to do is change those added extras and spruce up your outfit for the evening. Powder your nose, spritz the perfume and don’t forgot to put on your favourite colour of lippy for a pop of colour! Girls night here we come!