More often then not we are always craving a sense of travel and an escape from the city (I know that is the case for me). We all usually travel to escape or because we crave a sense of adventure and want to go to the most exotic or far away places that we often forget to look at destinations that are located in the backyard of our own city. Bowen Island is one of my favourite places to get away in BC (I have been twice) and the best part is its less than 2 hours away from Vancouver.  


There are a few hotels on Bowen Island however we decided to stay at The Chocolate suite by Cocoa West. Is is a small private suite located in the Artisan square. The suite is very roomy and has its own collection of DVD’s (we took advantage of this) you also get a box of chocolates on arrival which we saved to eat while watching our movie (hehe). It was a perfect little quiet spot surrounded by cafe’s and boutique shops. With the suite being attached to the chocolate shop we got a free hot chocolate for breakfast in the morning and it was delicious! When booking your accommodation I recommend you try and book in advance as rooms can be limited during certain times of the year, especially Summer. Another alternative is checking out Airbnb as many people rent out their homes and was actually how I found out about the chocolate suite in the first place!


To get to Bowen Island you need to take the Horseshoe bay ferry, its only about a 20/30 minute ride from the terminal but the scenic route is so beautiful! Some people prefer to take their car over on the ferry to be able to drive around the island on the other side however we had decided to just take ourselves over and suss out transportation on the other side.

You can get around the island using the bus transport system however I would recommend picking up a bus timetable from the local information centre as they aren’t as frequent as the regular city buses! Rather than going conventional we decide to have a little more fun and hire some Mopeds from the locals for our stay so we could explore every inch of the island with no limitations. When you get off the ferry and walk up the main street you will see an area of grass with moped’s lined up this is where Zoom Zoom Bowen is located. Once you have had a practice and are ready to ride just grab a map and decide where you want to go, there are so many hidden beaches and a lot of undeveloped land that you’ll be sure to find somewhere to set up and relax for the day!


What I love about Bowen Island is that it is a place to escape the city without even going too far. It’s a place where you can really disconnect from your phone and the social media world to just immerse yourself in the nature. We spent most of our weekend exploring different beaches and most of the time we were the only ones there! We were lucky enough to see some of the native wildlife including a deer and the most incredible owl up right up close.

In amongst the nature Bowen has some beautiful boutique shops and restaurants. Most locally owned they all have a very comforting feel to them. I highly recommend you check out Branch 01 by Gamla. It is a tiny shop front located on the pier which stocks one of a kind hand made goods from soaps to pottery and home wears. It was so divine I had to take a photo out the front! Another top pick of mine would have to be the local lolly shop, we defiantly had fun here stocking up for our movie night in the suite!

In conclusion I would highly recommend Bowen Island for a getaway adventure. It has so many things to offer and can be a very relaxing getaway out of the hustle and bustle of the city life. I hope you get to enjoy it for yourself.