To start off my Style Diary with a BANG I felt it only appropriate to share the outfit that I wore to the Aroma Festival on Sunday.  Comfortably dressed in a Topshop Playsuit and Knee High boots by Wittner it was a perfect ensemble completed with my favourite addition a Sportsgirl felt hat.

The Aroma Festival was swamped with cute little pop up stand’s in every nook and cranny in one of Sydney’s most iconic locations ‘The Rocks’.  The festival featured unique coffee and tea blends from all over Australia, not to mention the added bonus of chocolate stands. My favourite stall was observing the women doing tea leaf reading. I found it fascinating watching them at work.

Thanks to the beautiful sun that came out during the day I was able to enjoy my time at the festival and even take off my leather jacket to soak up the rays!

I was wearing:

Topshop Jumpsuit
Wittner Boots
Sportsgirl Hat
Leather Jacket