What a crazy whirlwind 2018 has turned out to be! I never expected the year that I just had and gosh am I grateful. It’s amazing what can happen when you open your mind and allow new experience to come in, so I decided I wanted to share the top 5 things I took away from this year

1.When you think you’ve had enough, just keep going 

This year really tested my patience and will that’s for sure! Studying full time after 7 years out of school (gosh I feel so old now) I really had to put my head down and learn a whole bunch of new skills such as Harvard Referencing and learning how to juggle my time between studying, blogging, working and having a social life! (insert head in hand emoji here) I noticed there were many times I was ready to throw the towel in but instead the key was preparation and keeping a diary with me at all times to keep my time management in check… I tend to like to take on more than one single person can manage.

2. It’s okay to be alone and love it!

This year was the first time in a long time I had been on my own. I really feared this at the start as I think we often become blindly comfortable and reliant on relationships and friendships, but as time went on I learnt to love my own company. I started focusing my energy inwards and working on my health and wellbeing, rediscovering who I am in this world and what I want to do with my time here. This year I have become a true believer, that you aren’t able to give yourself to someone else in a relationship until you give yourself what you need so that became my focus and I discovered so much about myself and was able to appreciate my strengths, my weaknesses and just dive in to take the risks I have always held myself back from such as starting my own business (coming 2019)!

3. Keep adventuring, even if it’s only a car trip away…

Moving back to Australia I really feared not being able to experience adventures and discover new things. I am a person who thrives off experiences and I worried being back home would make me complacent and quite frankly boring! I realised this year that you don’t need to hop on a plane and cross the world just to fulfil this desire (although I did go to Bali and loved every second of it). We have so much to explore and discover right in our backyard and gosh do we have a beautiful one at that here in Australia! 

4. Connection is just as important as disconnection

Being active on social media can be mentally draining sometimes and I found this year it was important to take breaks and disconnect from that aspect of my life. It was during these times I realised my lack of real connection with friends, family and the world around me. Disconnecting from the technology world made me realise just how important it is to connect in person (have we forgotten how to do this!?) to have a real conversation, to connect with nature, read a book or just enjoy the sunshine. I made more of an effort to take time to reach out to my friends near and far to check in on them and to just be a better friend in general. 

5. Your gut is always right

This year I have been faced with a few uncomfortable situations and changes which are all part of the learning experience but the one common thread was that I always knew in my gut something didn’t feel right. We all have that little inner voice who we LOVE to ignore but from experience your gut knows. It’s telling you exactly what to do in the situation and you just have to let it in and follow it. It may be scary, hurtful or uncomfortable but you will thank yourself for it later. When you know, you just know!